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Don't jump or anything...but here it is...a second blog post in a month.  Whoa!  I know, hard to believe some times.

Tomorrow is Hubby's first father's day.  I think he's more excited then he's letting on.  He's been excited to be a dad for quite some time now and here it is...his first Father's Day with a little boy.  Nothing much is planned, it's going to be an ordinary day, as far as I know.  We have grocery shopping to do, but I do hope that we can find time to go out and celebrate some where.

We're taking my dad out today to celebrate Father's day.

Hope you have a good Father's day...whether you're the father or the kid, show the ones you care about that you love them :)

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Sorry it's been a while since my last update, but things have been busy and I have been taking care of another livejournal instead of my own.  

a couple of months ago...maybe two months ago, I'm not sure...I started a livejournal for my baby so that our friends and relatives who don't see him or aren't close enough to visit can watch him grow and see all his new accomplishments.  Plus I can show off all the pictures I take of him, well...not all the pictures, I don't think any online blog would allow for THAT many pictures.

But all the same...I'm alive, things are busy, the baby is growing up quickly and I can't believe how quickly time flies wit him.  he'll be 7 months in two days, crazy how that goes.

Wishing you all well...

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I just wanted to wish a Merry Christmas to anyone and everyone who still reads this journal.

Hope the Holidays bring you joy.

Love to all....

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Umm....so I forgot to post this. So I'm going to post this to the correct date, which is more then 3 weeks ago. OOPS!

Our baby boy was born on November 4th at 4:00am. November 4th just happens to be my birthday as well, so it was quite the birthday present. After quite the ordeal (I was admitted on Thursday, November 2nd at 5:00 for high blood pressure, water broke at 6:30am on Friday, was in labor all day Friday and Friday night before they decided that a C-section is what needed to be done).

Thank goodness too.

Baby boy was 11 pounds, 2 ounces and 22 inches long. Yikes!

But...he is doing well. We're all adjusting. Mom is still healing, but happy that we're all doing great. Funny thing is...I'm getting more sleep now (he does get up a couple of times at night to eat) then I did when I was preggo with him (couldn't sleep much with the pain, having to go to the bathroom all the time, etc). So...all is good.

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Well...here we are. It's now November and I am 4/5 days overdue. The baby's due date was the 27th of October and it's now the first of November...and we're still waiting for the little bundle to arrive. At this rate he doesn't feel like a "little" bundle at all...but we'll see.

tick tock tick tock

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I can't believe that it's the middle of October already. Where has all the time gone? The weather has turned and it definitely feels like Fall now, even though we had 70s over the last weekend. Oh well.

a little over two weeks (16 days) until the due date, it's creaping up on us, but I think we're all set and we're ready. The baby shower last weekend saw to that.

The best surprise was seeing my best friend there....all the way from Milwaukee. Some of the people I invited weren't able to make it, but it seems they had other things going on...which is alright. We had a great time and it was nice to reconnect with her after so long.

Now...now we play the waiting game to see if the baby will be early, on time, or late. tick tock tick tock.....

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Is done!



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not really, but paying the bill does. I don't get how...with two of us in the house, the bill can be $100 or more. Sure there are weeks where it's less then $100, but on the average...it's about $100 every week when we go to the grocery store. Doesn't seem fair with just two of us here, I can't wait to see what the bill is going to be when there's three of us living here :| Yikes.

And you know...it's not like there's a bunch of junk in there either (no candy, only one bag of chips...if even, a couple of 2 liters of pop...the rest is toilet paper, milk, creamer, meat, fruit, veggies, etc.).


I need to win the lottery :P

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Do it...and do it now.... :P

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